In our company, with the idea that it is wrong to talk about the acceptable error rate 'zero error' or machine monitoring and process capabilities to achieve, in order to raise the qualification new investments are made every year.

In quality development studies; Brainstorming, 6 Sigma Projects, FMEA Analysis, PDCA, SPC, Poka Yoke, Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram, quality techniques such as Pareto Analysis and Problem Solving Techniques Team are used.

End-user performances of our products; Laboratory quality made by our team, and Product Audit is guaranteed by the operating-life tests.

devices in our lab up to the product output from raw material input (MFI, Profile Projector, CMM (3D Measurement Tool), Surface Roughness Tester, Compression Tester, Moisture Meter, Life Testing Apparatus, etc.). We have produced the products are guaranteed.

OHSAS 18001 İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemi’nin şartlarına uyulacağı ve etkinliğin sürekli iyileştirileceğini taahhüt ederek, her fonksiyon ve seviyede ölçülebilir şekilde oluşturulan İSG hedeflerinin gözden geçirilmesi için belirlenen aşağıdaki sistem politikası oluşturulmuştur:


  • To satisfy the needs of our customers in terms of Quality + Cost + Delivery in a planned production in conformity with the promised quality and time,
  • To provide the lowest level of costs by closely following national and international competitive conditions, 
  • To help our suppliers develop their quality management systems,
  • To develop team work and team spirit,
  • To lead our processes to the targets and continuously improve them,
  • To stay respectful to human and environment by taking every mandatory measure.


  • To make all AKSEM workers conscious and to minimize workshop accidents and occupational diseases,
  • To make Occupational Health & Safety a way of life for our workers,
  • To obey all legal obligations and standards related with Occupational Health & Safety,
  • To make risk analysis and to assure continuous improvement by taking necessary corrective and preventive actions,
  • To be sure if our suppliers and subcontractors act in conformity with regulations of Occupational Health & Safety.